How It Works at Farmers Markets

Get more fruits & vegetables when you use your EBT card at Kansas and Missouri farmers markets!

It’s easy with Double Up Food Bucks. Stretch your food dollars for more fruits and vegetables at 59 farmers markets across Kansas and Missouri. Find a market near you and see below for how it works:

Bring your SNAP EBT Card to the farmers market office or info booth before you shop. Market staff are there to help.

Purchase SNAP tokens to redeem on any SNAP eligible items with the vendors at the market.

We’ll match every dollar you spend with FREE Double Up Food Bucks tokens – up to $25, every market day. Use them right away or later to redeem on locally grown fruits & vegetables.

Double Up is also available at select grocery stores and farm stands. See how it works at grocery stores and farm stands and find a participating site near you. 

Please note: In general, locations distribute tokens based on their geography. Some markets give purple tokens (Kansas, Kansas City & western Missouri), some give aqua tokens (central & eastern Missouri), and some give silver tokens (Springfield, Missouri) to represent the Double Up Food Bucks match. Tokens are only interchangeable at markets using the same color tokens.

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